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Hello, you are now an administrator. Please create a page for this wiki explaining what administrators are, and list yourself there, then add a link to that page from meta:Requests for permissions. There are instructions on how to use your administrator powers in the administrators' how-to guide on the English Wikipedia.

I have also made you a bureaucrat so that you can turn other users into sysops. This is done using the Special:makesysop page. There are instructions on using this at m:Bureaucrat.

If you have any problems, let me know on my talk page, or leave a note on meta:Requests for permissions. Good luck. Angela 15:09, 19 Бер 2005 (UTC)

Date category[ред.]

Hey Inetd, I'm Datrio from the Polish Wikinews.

As for your question regarding the date category, we're doing it manually right now. We added a {{data}} template with three variables - the current day, yesterday, and tommorow. We're also making date categories like "17 July 2005" manually - so yes, this is a little complicated. I'm working on a bot right now, but the job is taking me a long time, so I'm not sure will it be finished soon. If I'll finish it before anyone else and run it without problems on my test Wiki, I could use it on pl.Wikinews, and if you wish, on uk.Wikinews.

Hope that answered your question. Also, good luck on this edition of Wikinews! Best regards, Dariusz Siedlecki 08:27, 20 бер 2005 (UTC)

Hello, you can change the link to the admins page by editing MediaWiki:Administrators. I have reported the -1 number of articles problem in #mediawiki and Tim says he will fix it. Angela 02:00, 25 бер 2005 (UTC)

Uk: added on Pl:[ред.]

Hey, it's Datrio once again. Just wanted to say I added a link to the uk Wikinews on our project, sorry for the long delay. Best regards, Datrio 22:34, 26 бер 2005 (UTC)

Ukranian link in Spanish Wikinews[ред.]

Hi. Although I had added it before receiving your message, it's still a pleasure to me to inform we have done it. Cheers! Julián Ortega@Wikinoticias 23:44, 29 бер 2005 (UTC)

uk.wikinews pages on Meta[ред.]

Hi Inetd,

have all the pages on Meta been imported to uk.wikinews.org? If so, I'll delete them on Meta.--Eloquence 18:30, 31 бер 2005 (UTC)


Hey Inetd, Datrio again. I've finished work on the Wikinews bot I was talking about some time ago. If you're still interested in it, just tell me and I'll register him on uk.Wikinews, where we could discuss any work it could do.

Waiting for your reply, Datrio 14:42, 2 квіт 2005 (UTC)

It's me, Datrio. I've registered this account, we can talk on my talk page here. Here's a basic rundown on how this bot can work:
  1. It's written in PHP. If you know this language, I can simply give you the script I'm using so you'll do everything by yourself.
  2. If no, you have to tell me what do you want to do - make a category for every day, make an archive, a calendar, something else - just name it, and I'll tell you if that'll be possible, and how long should it take me to write.
Also, if you want to do something bigger, I might request a bot status for it, just tell me. So basicly, just tell me what do you want me to do :). Reply on my talk page. Greetings, Datrio. Datbot 17:56, 9 квіт 2005 (UTC)


One more thing from me. If you want to, you can join the IRC channel over at #wikinews, where we discuss many interesting, and sometimes important things to the whole project. English is the preffered language, but you may talk in any language you want, there's a chance someone will know it and translate what are you saying.

We want to get on IRC an editor from every language on Wikinews, so we could get easier multi-language cooperation. Datrio 18:45, 9 квіт 2005 (UTC)

Article count[ред.]


the article count should now be fixed. It's currently 1958. Let me know if it goes off.--Eloquence 04:12, 27 квіт 2005 (UTC)